Tobacconist's shop furnishings

Tobacconist's shop furnishings

We give shape to ideas for your tobacco shop
We follow you step by step until realisation

Our vision

You are waiting for transfer confirmation from the Monopoly, or you have simply just bought a tobacconist's shop, and you have realised that it now has spaces and furnishings that no longer help you to work smoothly and in an organised manner.

The ability of a good tobacconist is also to be able to follow the trend and offer the right gift item, product or service for their customers in a functional environment that fully represents them.

How we work

Tailor-made functional and aesthetic solutions

Our goal is provide you with professional advice, to create a commercial space with functional and aesthetic solutions tailored to your needs.

We will be able to guide you in optimizing of the spaces, the arrangement of the lights for the exhibition, the choice of professional furniture among many materials, wood, glass, steel, quartz agglomerates, acrylic resins, hpl laminates and more.


What we offer the customer

Salt and Tobacco Store

The Salt and Tobacco sales point, or more simply, the Tobacconist's, is an activity that sells various kinds of goods and services. The offer of tobacconists has varied a lot over time: it has always been the favorite business of the Italian State for the distribution of products under the Monopoly.


The new frontier of profit

In reality, it can offer much more, with products and services useful to everyone, even trading in vape products, the new frontier of profit for modern tobacconists: they have a much higher profit margin and are naturally the new trend of the moment.

Gift items

A must-have item are the gift items a list of products that can be purchased for personal use or as simple gift ideas paper handkerchiefs candy perfumes leather goods such as tobacco and document holders, stationery, greeting cards.

Services for public bodies

A tobacconist also sells various services as a substitute for other public entities, it can be; manage online payments, telephone top-ups, tickets for public transport, for concerts or sporting events, deliver lottery winnings. It can also provide a photocopying service and the payment of direct taxes, and finally, as a collection point (AmazonLocker, PosteItaliane, UPS, etc.).

Not counting the presence, nowadays, management systems for the warehouse and automatic tills.


Our latest achievements


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We design together

Send us a floor plan of your premises, with our designers we will find the ideal customised solution for your shop.

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