Designing furnishings

Designing furnishings

A project
The research and creativity of each space
the result of an idea
How we work

Customised solutions

Our primary goal is to always satisfy the needs of our customers, guaranteeing the complete alignment of the adopted project solutions.


The implementation of the project starts from the first interview, which will be an opportunity to get to know your needs but above all your objectives.

We will provide solutions to optimize spaces and exhibitions using the local map.

After which together we will choose the finishes, the colours, the lights, the accessories that will be the functional part of your business as well as the aesthetic part.

3D rendering

After confirming the project, we will proceed with the 3D rendering of the furniture, so that we can better render the idea of the realisation when the installation is complete.

We are ready to define the delivery dates.

Craftsmanship carpentry

This is where our joinery starts. The bills of materials are processed and sent to the machines for cutting, edging and drilling, all optimised so that the furniture can be assembled in the right time, without neglecting the attention to detail by our craftsmen carpenters.

During assembly in the joinery, it is possible to visit us. Touching the work in progress will certainly be an unforgettable experience.


Delivery and assembly

After assembly is complete, delivery deadlines are set and we are ready for loading. Delivery is usually by our own means and assembly on site is carried out by our specialised personnel.

After-sales service

After the job is done, we do not abandon you, the after-sales service is always active, we are ready to solve your needs even after installation.

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