Cappa Arredamenti has always paid attention to the use of the best materials for each application,
with an eye not only to their transformation and assembly in the production phase, but also to their technological development, in order to increase and improve the offer of solutions, in the principle of the most suitable product in terms of use, but also of safety.

In our mission towards continuous updating, one product in particular deserves attention:
The antibacterial HPL laminate, an ideal product for covering the walls of public reception areas, where the development of bacteria is facilitated.
A true example of innovation, therefore at the service of health.

The finishing of the external surfaces of each furnishing element with compact melamine panels, treated with silver ions encapsulated in glass spheres
present in the compound and which are activated upon contact with humidity, neutralizes the bacteria on the surface and blocks cell division, thus limiting the
bacterial proliferation.

The treatment based on Ag+ ions is an inorganic solution that does not migrate and does not alter over time.
Silver is a non-toxic molecule, unlike synthetic and organic antimicrobial substances such as triclosan.

Cappa Arredamenti is able to offer this type of solution for multiple projects and uses.
The infectious risk is not only found in hospitals, since hygiene is a priority in all public spaces (hotels, transport, education, facilities that receive the public).
Our HPL faced panels accompany all interior design projects, with the same flexibility of use and setup, but with greater protection.

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