From planning to customized realization

From planning to customized realization


CAPPA ARREDAMENTI is one of the best references for the design and production of customized SHOP FURNITURE.

Thanks to the internal presence of expert designers, and the collaboration with external ARCHITECTS, DESIGNERS and DESIGN STUDIOS, CAPPA ARREDAMENTI presents it self on the market with the most advanced technologies for surveying and verifying feasibility; design; endering and customization.

From FLOOR PLANS to CAD; from on-site surveys to DIGITAL PROCESSING, the CAPPA ARREDAMENTI design TEAM can guarantee assistance and great experience at every stage.

Inside the company, production can count on the presence of high-tech processing lines:
   - Biesse Selco SK4 panel saw for an optimized cut.
   - Nesting Biesse Rover 335 for processing multiple types of material
   - Biesse Akron 1440 edgebander with the possibility of edgebanding panels with EVA glue, polyurethane and the most modern AIR-fusion technology.

All of these lines allow the production of semi-finished products, even on a large scale, based on the customer's project.

CAPPA ARREDAMENTI has a programming versatility that allows both the production of its own PROJECTS, that THIRD PARTY processing of finished and semi-finished products at the same time.

An expert TEAM of technicians, made up of resources specialized in NUMERICAL CONTROL PRODUCTION; by MASTER CRAFTS working on finishes and assembly and by TRANSPORT and ASSEMBLY teams, guarantees CAPPA ARREDAMENTI the realization in every situation, of the projects developed for the Clients.

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