Furnishing for Premises / Bars / Restaurants / Hospitality

Furnishing for Premises / Bars / Restaurants / Hospitality

We shape ideas for your club, bar, restaurant.
We follow you step by step through to realisation
Consulting and planning

We provide complete consultancy for Local Furnishing.

We offer interior design and consultancy for Bars, Restaurants, Hospitality environments.

The standards for furnishing

A bar must be furnished in an appropriate manner and, above all, also according to tastes and needs. Whether it's a small or large place, what matters is what matters. that everything is functional and that no inconvenience is created for customers.

Professional furniture

In every self-respecting place there is a restaurant an operating area and a consumption area. In both areas, however, it is professional furniture is very important, and the hygienic-sanitary standards certainly be left to chance.

Our consultancy

Professional design

The design of the bar, the operational area.

There are essential elements and one of these is, without a doubt, the counter. It is a support surface, but also a work surface. The other indispensable equipment in the back counter is essential such as cup and glass washers, sinks and steel worktops for preparing food, beverages and drinks, a coffee machine and a coffee machine. refrigerators, freezers, showcases for displaying food, ice machines, displays and shelves for bottles and so on.

The goal of our consultancy is; provide you with the best predisposition on the operational side based on the spaces, so as to get the most out of your work.

The consumption area

The furnishing of a place also includes the preparation of the areas dedicated to customers, precisely the consumption area.

The basic elements of a place are precisely the tables, chairs, lighting of some decorative elements and, if space permits, armchairs or sofas. Considering the most widespread trends, modern or traditional, the colors, finishes, combinations and shades will be chosen; together with the choice of materials.

Relaxing ambience

Within certain environments, it's important to have a good time. it is also important to consider the aspect linked to noise pollution, light, the lighting of the area: our goal in providing local furnishing consultancy is the creation of a relaxing environment easy and without stress to allow customers to spend a few hours peacefully.

Customised solutions

Already have a clear ideas on how it will be able to being the bar of your dreams is a must rare thing, otherwise, we will be the ones to give you the best information and the right advice for the place you have always wanted.


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We design together

Send us a floor plan of your premises, with our designers we will find the ideal customised solution for your shop.

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