Furnishing for Pharmacies

Furnishing for Pharmacies

We give shape to ideas for your pharmacy.
We follow you step by step through to realisation.
Pharmacy Design

Our Service

Ours is a turnkey service, we offer you professional solutions and consultancy for Pharmacy Furniture.

Every project of ours is made to order. built on the needs of our client, ensuring professionalism and expertise at 360°

You will have a single interlocutor who will follow you through the process. at every stage of the restructuring.

The Pharmacy Today

Our vision

The Pharmacist is today more and more at the service of the patient, is acquiring a real role of caregiver. The reason is simple. More and more often it is not sufficient to dispense the drug on duty; the patient turns to the pharmacist as an authoritative consultant for all matters relating to health and well-being in daily life, and not just in illness.

His professionalism, already at the service of the patient, it is no longer limited to to guarantee the correct care in drug management (from adherence to therapies to pharmacovigilance),but is evolving towards a real figure of "educator", if not even a mentor.

A constantly evolving role, which sees the pharmacist having to constantly train based on the new needs of patients, such as for medical tests and the use of new technological equipment.


What we offer the customer

Space optimisation

Our goal, in designing, is undoubtedly better management of the exhibition spaces, safeguarding waste of time and energy, redeveloping the environment and optimizing the spaces dedicated to the products on display.

Lighting system

Careful attention is required. undoubtedly the lighting system in the product subdivision to give more visibility to the articles on display by improving customer searches.

Medical and cosmetic couches

Indispensable for setting up areas of the pharmacy for these uses are medical couches and cosmetic chairs, which give the possibility of the professional to act and operate in ideal conditions, with maximum comfort for the patient.


Our latest achievements


Furnishing for Lombardi Pharmacy


New Pharmacy Outfitting

We design together

Send us a floor plan of your premises, with our designers we will find the ideal customised solution for your shop.

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