Over 60 years of custom design and manufacturing

Over 60 years of custom design and manufacturing


CAPPA ARREDAMENTI has been on the market since 1960 as a manufacturer of custom-made furnishings for bars and shops.

It has been able to combine the peculiarity of manual work with a TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT which, starting from DESIGN with cutting-edge programs, develops with a production that uses 4.0 numerical control machinery.

CAPPA ARREDAMENTI designs both internally thanks to a TEAM of DESIGNERS, and in collaboration with ARCHITECTURAL STUDIES.

The achievements range from various types of no-food shops from the PHARMACEUTICAL sector to the RESTAURANT sector, as well as OFFICE FURNITURE, HO.RE.CA. with great experience in the world of TOBACCO SHOPS and niche STORES.

The realization of the PROJECT begins with the knowledge of the CUSTOMER, his ambitions and his expectations. With the help of the floor plans of the room, solutions will be proposed to optimize the spaces and exhibitions. A wide range of finishes, materials, colors, enhanced by lights, and accessories that will be the functional part of your establishment as well as the aesthetic part.

CAPPA ARREDAMENTI conceives the project, from its analysis to its proposal in 3D, through the proposal in specific, personalized renderings dedicated to the most complete and image solution.

CAPPA ARREDAMENTI has a CARPENTRY 4.0 made up of the best numerical control machines. Lines for cutting, for edging and drilling, make up the executive part of preparation for ASSEMBLY, made manually by MASTER CRAFTS, in the dedicated area in PRODUCTION.

DELIVERY and ASSEMBLY represent an important phase that CAPPA ARREDAMENTI guarantees in ITALY and in all COUNTRIES of the EUROPEAN COMMUNITY, with an always active, constant and punctual AFTER-SALES service.

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